Style Ideas

posted on 18 Jul 2013 19:01 by kwingodokiuy

This season bags of all styles are popular.Accessories are a great way to change up your look and add some color and sparkle. Don't wear too much of a good thing, use faux fur, animal prints, and bright colors to add excitement and pop to your outfits. Here are a few of the most popular accessory trends for Winter in 2012.

These are just a few of the most popular accessory styles for plus size clothing this winter. Try to choose just one statement piece to wear so the effect is balanced. Pearls have made a comeback. Another stunning trend is the cocktail ring. Just don't overdo it and stick with either one statement piece or a few fur trimmed accessories. Plus size clothing is the perfect venue for this beautiful trend. Chandelier earrings remain popular as well as large drop gemstones. You can change the attitude of your entire outfit by switching up your accessories. Faux fur hats are being seen on runways and the larger the better. The key to any outfit is balance. Faux fur can also be found as accents on tops, scarves, boots, and other pieces. These are oversized rings which make a very bold statement.
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Curvy divas who wear plus size clothing have an advantage over their straight size sisters. You want a bag that is stylish yet functional, so be sure you can fit all of your necessities in it before you purchase it. Some of the most popular styles include reptile patterned leather, vintage, rupsacks, boxy briefcases, snakeskin, gold and metallic finishes, and fur trimmed bags. One keyword for this season's accessories is variety. You want to find a bag that gives you the right proportion. Not just a simple strand of pearls like Jackie Kennedy wore, but long flowing strands doubled or even tripled around the neck. This season large statement jewelry is in style. If you like animal prints, why not try a faux fur animal print jacket or hat and scarf set. For the woman who wears plus size clothing, it is best to avoid very small bags unless it is a clutch for a special night out.

Faux fur is very trendy this season. This season plus size clothing comes in all different styles and colors. Wrap bracelets of pearls and gemstones are also very popular this season. Some bags are even being seen on runways trimmed in feathers. They are able to wear bold statement pieces which might overwhelm a smaller woman.. thereby extending your wardrobe and saving your clothing budget. Many different types of looks are popular right now from vintage to rustic. A brightly colored faux fur car coat can really give your wardrobe a needed boost this winter. Finding the right accessories will pull your look together and let you express your individuality. Necklaces with large stones, thick chains, and many layers look great with this season's fashions. With these tips you can look fabulous in your plus size clothing this season and all year around.